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The BCA includes requirements for wet area walls and ceiling linings to protect the structural integrity of buildings. Gyprock offers a broad range of wet area systems to help specifiers and builders meet the BCA requirements with confidence. 

BCA Requirements

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is a performance-based code published by the Australian Building Codes Board that contains the requirements for wet areas of buildings in Australia.

Class 1 and 10 Buildings

For Class 1 and 10 buildings wet area requirements are covered in Part 3.8 of BCA Volume 2 which stipulates the areas which must be waterproofed and the areas where water resistant materials are to be used.

Class 2 to 9 Buildings

Waterproofing requirements for wet areas in other building classes including multi-residential and commercial buildings are covered in Part F1.7 of the BCA Volume 1.

Gyprock Wet Area Systems

Gyprock has developed a wide range of wet area plasterboard products and systems specifically suited for use in wet areas.

Class 1 and 10 Buildings

For Class 1 and 10 buildings Gyprock Aquachek™ and Gyprock Sensitive are moisture resistant boards that are ideal as a wall and ceiling lining in bathrooms and laundries. They are both ideal substrates for waterproofing and as a liner board under wall tiles.

Class 2 to 9 Buildings

For Class 2 to 9 buildings including multi-residential and commercial buildings Gyprock offers a range of moisture resistant boards, many with additional properties to meet all likely applications including Strata Walls which also require fire and acoustic performance.

The moisture resistant range includes Aquachek™, Fyrchek™ MR, EC08™ Impact MR and EC08™ Complete.

These are supported by a range of supplementary products and accessories such as Gyprock Wet Area Base Coat and Wet Area Acrylic Sealant to ensure the performance of the system.

Other solutions including ceiling systems and performance specifications in the Red Book can be easily found using the System Selector in the Red Book Companion application.

Other Considerations

Mould and Moisture

Mould is not only unsightly but can have adverse health effects particularly on those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

In response Gyprock has developed Gyprock® Sensitive and EC08™ Complete moisture resistant plasterboard products with a gentle but powerful antifungal agent to resist mould growth. 

Gyprock® Sensitive is ideal for use in wet areas of homes, while EC08™ Complete is designed for use in wet areas such as change rooms, bathrooms and laundries in multi- residential and commercial buildings. Both products are approved by National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program and are ideal for use in homes of asthma and allergy sufferers, schools, hospitals and aged care facilities.