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 Red Book 01 Design Guide

The Red Book

The Red Book is one of the industry’s most recognised and respected technical publications. It provides fire, acoustic and thermal information on hundreds of wall and ceiling systems to support architects, engineers, and other design professionals in their day-to-day design work.

As a result of the revisions and expansions to the original 1999 edition, The Red Book continues to provide comprehensive design information and complete system solutions from CSR Gyprock, Australia’s leading Plasterboard Manufacturer.


Backed By a Trusted Name

CSR has proudly been a part of the Australian building market since 1942 and is the name behind some of Australia's most recognised building products brands. We have a strong history of creating innovative and sustainable building materials that work together to provide better whole-of-project solutions across the Australian commercial and residential construction industries.


Peace of Mind with Compliance

As leaders in the building industry, we understand that compliance is at the core of building requirements. The Red Book covers such a breadth of brands and products, we have the knowledge, expertise, and capability to offer compliance details on an extensive number of complete system solutions. When you use the Red Book and partner with CSR, you can rest easy knowing what's specified fulfils all your compliance requirements.

The Gyprock Red Book on the screens of four different devices.

Book 1: The Design Guide

Featuring system shortcut diagrams detailing which wall and ceiling systems are suitable for a variety of buildings such as hospital, schools, offices and aged care facilities.

The Design Guide provides fire, acoustic and thermal information on hundreds of wall and ceiling systems and includes products from the CSR companies Gyprock, Cemintel, Himmel, Martini, Bradford, AFS and Hebel.

Knowing which wall and ceiling systems are appropriate is now easy to navigate with high resolution diagrams complete with tables listing appropriate systems.

Download Book 1: The Design Guide

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Book 2: Residential Installation Guide – Class 1 & 10 Buildings

Provides comprehensive installation details for Gyprock® plasterboards fixed to walls and ceilings of timber, steel and masonry construction in residential buildings.

Download Book 2 (21MB) 


Book 3: Commercial & Multi- Residential Installation Guide – Class 2-9 Buildings

Provides comprehensive installation details for Gyprock® plasterboard in commercial style construction. The details focus on slab-to-slab steel framed construction that is common in offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals, and medium to high-rise residential construction.

Download Book 3 (68MB) 
Red Book 01 Design Guide Banner

New Features Include

Book 1 New Features

Gyprock Product Updates

The products offered by each CSR company have been reviewed and updated. For Gyprock, we have deleted EC08 Impact, EC08 Impact MR, and Shaft Liner Panel. We have added Gyprock's recent new products which include EC08 Extreme, and the extended range of Rigitone and Gyptone perforated products.

Bradford Product Updates

For Bradford we have introduced new products Enviroseal RW Plus and Enviroseal CW and CW-IT. Also, we have detailed the discontinued Bradford insulation and detailed the substituted with equivalents in the table below.

Item # Discontinued Product Substitute Product
1 60mm Soundscreen R1.7 70mm Soundscreen R2.0 25.71kg/m3
2 50mm Acoustigard 11kg/m3 50mm Acoustigard 14kg/m3
3 25mm Acoustigard 18kg/m3 25mm Acoustigard 24kg/m3
4 75mm Gold Batts R1.5 75mm Gold HP Batts R2.0 17.19kg/m3
5 90mm Polymax R2.5 75mm (or 100mm) Martini Absorb XHD

Himmel Product Pages

The Himmel ceiling tile selection range has been updated to include more OWA Mineral Fibre tiles, Troldtekt Panels and Martini dECO Ceiling tiles.

System Updates

New systems have been added throughout the sections based on new products and market demand. Also introduced new steel beam & column encasement methodology and systems.

Testing References and Results

All references to fire reports and assessments have been updated. FRL’s updated to reflect reports. Added QR codes to fire hazard property report and CSR Digital Tools.