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 Isometric drawing of Hospital system

The Red Book

For 21 years The Gyprock Red Book has been the plasterboard industry’s most widely recognised and respected design and installation guide.

The 2020 Red Book has been extended to three books for enhanced navigation, functionality and efficiency.

Book 1: The Design Guide

Featuring system shortcut diagrams detailing which wall and ceiling systems are suitable for a variety of buildings such as hospital, schools, offices and aged care facilities.

The Design Guide provides fire, acoustic and thermal information on hundreds of wall and ceiling systems and includes products from the CSR companies Gyprock, Cemintel, Himmel, Bradford, AFS and Hebel.

Knowing which wall and ceiling systems are appropriate is now easy to navigate with high resolution diagrams complete with tables listing appropriate systems.


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Use the Red Book the way that works for you

The Red Book Companion is a powerful new way to access the full content of the Red Book with personalised functionality, searchability and sharing built in. Interact with the expanded content of the 2020 Red Book, the industry’s most respected Fire, Acoustic and now Thermal, design guide, like never before.

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Book 2: Residential Installation Guide – Class 1 & 10 Buildings

Provides comprehensive installation details for Gyprock® plasterboards fixed to walls and ceilings of timber, steel and masonry construction in residential buildings.

Book 3: Commercial & Multi- Residential Installation Guide – Class 2-9 Buildings

Provides comprehensive installation details for Gyprock® plasterboard in commercial style construction. The details focus on slab-to-slab steel framed construction that is common in offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals, and medium to high-rise residential construction.

Download the Red Book PDF

Please fill in the form below to download the Red Book PDF. You can download the full contents of each book or download each section of  Book 1 as you require it.

3 books of the Red Book

New Features Include

Book 1 New Features

System Shortcuts

A selection of building types is provided to suit some common projects. The buildings are Multi-residential Class 2, Hospitals, Office, Aged Care, Retail, Education, and House Class 1. The systems include walls, ceilings, facades and services enclosures, and the linked shortcuts lead to typical solutions.

Improved Graphics

Each system page now features a more realistic graphic of the overall system composition, giving better visual detail of the plasterboard, insulation, wrap, stud etc. Section contents pages are now image based for faster navigation.

Gyprock EC08 Products

ECO8 systems have been included within the appropriate sections: Steel, Timber, Ceiling and Services sections. They can be found amongst similar Fyrchek systems for easier comparison and selection, and they retain their original system numbers.

Product Updates

The products offered by each CSR company have been reviewed and updated. For Gyprock, we have deleted Sensitive and 10mm Soundchek, added Shaft Liner MP and Glasroc F, and added new compounds. For Cemintel, Rendaline has been deleted, Designer Series cladding changed its name to Territory, and Creative cladding became Surround. We have detailed which Bradford insulation products are non-combustible and updated the range of building wraps.

System Updates

New systems have been added throughout, including Quiet Stud walls, interior masonry walls, concrete floor/ceilings and flanking path systems

Addendum Included

All the 2018 addendum systems and corrections have been included

Installation Details

Section Z has been removed from Book 1 – Design Guide and incorporated into Books 2 and 3 - Installation Guides