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The BCA includes requirements for acoustic performance of walls and ceilings to help ensure occupant comfort and privacy. Gyprock has developed a broad range of acoustic systems to help specifiers and builders meet the BCA requirements with confidence. A range of Gyprock's acoustic products are also suitable for use in areas where enhanced acoustic performance will improve the experience of the space.

Acoustic panels on walls and ceilings with bright coloured designs

BCA Requirements

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is a performance-based code published by the Australian Building Codes Board that contains the acoustic performance requirements for the construction of buildings in Australia.

Class 1 building and view into living space with a shared wall requiring sound insulation

Class 1 and 10 Buildings

For Class 1 buildings with a shared wall such as townhouses, row houses or terraces, requirements for sound insulation requirements are covered in Part 3.8.6 of BCA Volume 2.

Class 2 to 9 buildings, in cinema theatre surrounded by Gyprock acoustic performance solutions.

Class 2 to 9 Buildings

All other building classes including multi-residential and commercial buildings are covered in the BCA Volume 1 which in part requires:

  • Systems must safeguard occupants from illness or loss of amenity as a result of undue sound being transmitted between adjoining dwellings
  • Separating systems must resist undue sound transmission between dwellings
  • Systems must resist airborne weighted sound Rw or airborne weighted sound with spectrum adaptation Rw+Ctr
  • Floor ceiling systems must also resist impact sounds Lnw
  • Where required wall systems with an impact sound rating must also be of discontinuous construction (i.e. 2 separate leaves without rigid mechanical connection except at the periphery or masonry leaves connected by resilient ties)
  • Systems isolating services between sole occupancy units must resist airborne weighted sound with spectrum adaption Rw+Ctr

Gyprock Acoustic Rated Systems

Gyprock have developed a wide range of systems to meet the acoustic requirements of the BCA.

Class 1 building with a Party and Boundary wall requiring acoustic separation.

Class 1 Buildings

For Class 1 buildings Gyprock Party Wall and Boundary Wall Systems are designed for use to provide fire and acoustic separation between attached dwellings.

Class 2 to 9 buildings, with person on escalator surrounded by Gyprock acoustic performance solutions.

Class 2 to 9 Buildings

For Class 2 to 9 buildings including multi-residential and commercial buildings Gyprock acoustic performance solutions include; StrataWall™, Shaft Wall, and Cinema Wall.

Each system can be customised to provide the exact level of acoustic performance required and a range of fire and thermal performance to meet each specific application.

These are supported by a range of supplementary products and accessories such as Gyprock Resilient Mounts and Silencer to ensure the performance of the installed system.

Other solutions including ceiling systems and performance specifications in the Red Book can be easily found using our System Selector in the Red Book Companion application.

Other Considerations

The Gyprock range of plasterboard with enhanced acoustic properties for use in homes includes Soundchek™ and Superchek™ which can reduce sound transfer between rooms and the storeys of a home. Combined with acoustic insulation they are ideal to create quiet spaces around bedrooms, studies and home theatres.

Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard can be used to reduce reverberation and echo in spaces such as rumpus rooms and home theatres. 

For multi-residential and commercial buildings Soundchek™, Fyrchek™, Fyrchek™ MR, EC08™ Complete and EC08™ Extreme all offer enhanced acoustic absorption and can be used in walls and ceilings to reduce sound transfer between offices, rooms in apartments, classrooms and other commercial applications. Controlling reverberation is also important in commercial buildings to improve occupant comfort. Gyprock’s Perforated Plasterboard range offers a range of high performance and attractive options suitable for foyers, theatres, libraries and gymnasiums.