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Gyprock Cinema Wall Systems are designed to provide a high performance wall where acoustic separation and a dramatic reduction in sound transmission is required such as between theatres in a cinema complex.

Gyprock Cinema Wall systems use a combination of framing, insulation and lining products to achieve superior acoustic performance. These high performance systems achieve a sound reduction of up to 81 Rw and are also highly fire resistant (FRL 120/120/120).


Gyprock Cinema Walls are specifically designed to achieve high levels of acoustic separation and are commonly used in multi-theatre cinema complexes and to reduce sound transfer around lecture halls, drama theatres and concert venues.

System Advantages

  • Highly cost effective
  • Can use the existing roof supporting steel columns
  • Excellent Sound Transmission Loss (STL), particularly at low frequencies.
  • Lightweight components for easy construction
  • Fast screw fixing

System Performance

The Gyprock Cinema Wall system has been tested at the National Acoustic Laboratories to assess its acoustic performance.

Testing was performed on system ‘CSR 1700’ with 3 layers of 16mm Gyprock Fyrchek™ plasterboard on each side and 2 layers of 110mm thickness glasswool infill and achieved a result of Rw 77, Ctr -6. (AFT Report Nº428).

Further field testing by PKA Acoustic Consulting on the same system is detailed in test report Nº99017-R01 ‘Field Performance of Gyprock Cinema Wall System’. Additional systems’ performance values have been assessed in PKA Acoustic Consulting Report PKA 201001.

Fire Resistance

When designed, installed and detailed as per the Gyprock Cinema Wall Installation Guide the systems achieve 120/120/120 FRL (BRANZ assessment FAR2357).

System Design

These diagrams show two typical layout options for the Cinema Wall system. The Gyprock Red Book outlines a comprehensive list of layout options and can help you find a design that works best for your building performance needs.

Cinema Wall System layout option
Cinema Wall Steel Frame Typical Layout
Steel Frame Typical Layout

System Components

Gyprock Cinema Wall systems include a range of lining, insulation and accessory options to be determined by the designer in order to achieve different performance requirements. Only those product options specified should be used in order to guarantee the acoustic and fire performance of the system.

Lining Options


  • Gyprock 25‘S’ Screws
  • Gyprock 45‘S’ Screws
  • Gyprock Laminating Screws Nº10 x 40mm
  • 10-16 Tek screw


Other Accessories

  • C Section Steel Girts
  • Rondo Steel Top Hat sections
  • Rondo Steel Track
  • Gyprock Resilient Mounts
  • Bradford Rockwool Party Wall Batts