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The unique, seamless finish of Rigitone is made possible by the use of a specialised primer, filler and installation tools.

Product Overview

Unlike the traditional three coat plasterboard jointing systems, Rigitone boards are joined by caulking a specialised compound into a gap between the sheets. The filling method is made possible by the unique Rigitone Filler Accessory Kit, combined with Rigitone Primer and the Rigitone Filler compound.

Filling and finishing of Rigitone Perforated Plasterboard may also be achieved by using the dry-mix Gyprock Perforated Filler and Dry-Mix Filler Application Kit.

Typical Applications

Rigitone perforated plasterboard is typically used as a high-performance plasterboard for ceilings in commercial constructions where a high level of acoustic performance is required. This includes applications such as theatres, restaurants, shopping centres and hotel foyers. Whilst perforated plasterboard in predominantly installed in ceilings, it is suitable for use in walls.

Primer, Filler, Spacers

Rigitone Primer is a colourless primer for coating cut plasterboard edges in the Rigitone joint filling system. While all four edges of Rigitone boards are supplied pre-primed, Rigitone Primer is diluted ⅔ to ⅓ water and applied by brush to prepare edges that are cut during installation.

Rigitone Filler is used without tape to create a seamless joint between the edges of Rigitone boards. It is applied using the Barrel Gun and proprietary nozzles to ensure the perfect finish.

Gyprock Perforated Filler is a dry-mix alternative to Rigitone Filler. Used for achieving the perfect joint between Rigitone plasterboards, the specially formulated compound is mixed to a creamy consistency before it is applied with the Dry-Mix Filler Application Kit.

Rigitone Pattern Spacers are designed to ensure boards are fixed with the exact gap required for jointing. A specific Pattern Spacer is available for each of the four Rigitone board pattern layouts.


Rigitone Accessories Perforated Filler Rigitone Filler Rigitone Primer Rigitone Pattern Spacer
Rigitone Accessories
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Easy Installation

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Technical Specifications

Product Options

Rigitone Filler Accessory Kit

Contents 1 x Rigitone barrel gun
2 x Rigitone nozzle connectors
2 x Rigitone nozzles
1 x Rigitone notched joint knife
1 x Rigitone screw head template
1 x Rigitone cleaning brush

Rigitone Dry-Mix Filler Application Kit

Contents 1 x Rigitone fix pistol
1 x Rigitone fix cartridge tube
2 x Rigitone fix joint nozzles
1 x Rigitone scraper
1 x Rigitone fix cap
1 x Rigitone fix piston
1 x Rigitone nozzle cleaning brush
1 x Rigitone screw head template

Rigitone Primer

Size 5L (5.5kg) jerry can
Coverage 40-70m2/L

Rigitone Filler

Size 600ml (325g) sausage
Coverage 600ml/7.5m2

Gyprock Perforated Filler

Size 10kg non-resealable bag
Coverage 10kg/30m2

Rigitone Pattern Spacers

Quantity 2 per pack

Stockholdings may vary. For product availability and to place an order, contact your nearest supplier.

Product Manufacture

Rigitone Accessories are manufactured for CSR Gyprock in Australia by worldwide plasterboard specialist Saint-Gobain.

Product Handling

Transportation and manual handling: Refer to the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australia (GBMA) website for recommended OH&S practices.

Health and Safety

Safety Data Sheets are important documents in the construction industry and assist in the continuing focus on occupational health and safety on and off sites.

Installation Instructions

Installing to Standards

AS/NZS2589: Gypsum linings – Application and Finishing outlines the procedures for the installation and finishing of Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard in conjunction with additional details contained in Gyprock Technical Literature.


Gyprock makes available resources that provide comprehensive selection, design, installation and maintenance guidance.  

Rigitone Perforated Plasterboard Installation Thumbnail

Installation Video

Installing Rigitone™ Perforated Plasterboard

International Alliance Warranty

Through the International Alliance program, Gyprock seeks to develop exclusive relationships with leading manufacturers throughout the world to deliver the best technologies and products to the Australian construction industry.