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Gyprock Standard 6mm Round perforated plasterboard provides economical sound attenuation in a perforated design that has been proven in projects around Australia.

Product Overview

All boards in the Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard range have been designed for use on ceilings and walls where an increased level of sound attenuation and a high level of aesthetic appeal is required. The design features six large rectangular groupings per sheet, each with 2,100 x 6mm diameter perforations at 15mm centres to provide an open area of 8.3%.

The panel perforations, together with insulation, where used, reduce echo and noise reverberation to create more comfortable environments for work and leisure. 

Standard 6mm Round provides an economical aesthetic solution for ceilings or walls and acoustic performance is adequate for most situations where moderate levels of attenuation are required.

It is supplied without an acoustic fabric backing, however installers may use a third party acoustic fabric to provide higher levels of acoustic performance if required

Typical Applications:

Gyprock perforated plasterboard is typically used for ceilings and walls in commercial constructions where a level of acoustic performance is required. This includes applications such as theatres, restaurants, shopping centres and hotel foyers. Whilst perforated plasterboard in predominantly installed in ceilings, it is suitable for use in walls.

Standard 6mm Round perforated plasterboard is jointed with a three coat system and sanded smooth prior to decoration.

Standard 6mm Round


Absorbs sound into the ceiling and walls to prevent reverberation


Acoustic performance with design freedom

Technical Specifications

Product Options

Gyprock Standard 6mm Round is available in the following size:

Thickness 13mm
Widths 1200mm
Lengths 3600mm
Edge Profiles Recessed Edge for regular jointing

Stockholdings of specific sizes may vary in different regions. For the latest product availability in your area and to place an order, contact your nearest supplier.

Product Manufacture

Gyprock Standard 6mm Round is manufactured by CSR Gyprock in Australia to stringent product specifications.

Product Handling

Transportation and manual handling: Refer to the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australia (GBMA) website for recommended OH&S practices.

Storage: Protect plasterboard and cornice from weather and moisture. Avoid products sagging by storing horizontally, supported on a level platform or full-width support members spaced at max. 600mm centres.

Health and Safety

Safety Data Sheets are important documents in the construction industry and assist in the continuing focus on occupational health and safety on and off sites.

Manufacturing Tolerances

Nominal Thickness 13mm  ± 0.5mm
Nominal Widths 1200mm ± 3mm
Nominal Lengths 3600mm ± 5mm
Squareness Cut ends + 3mm in the width of the board

Physical Properties

Nominal Board Weight* 7.8kg/m2
Fire Hazard: assessed to AS/NZS3837 cone calorimeter test Average Specific Extinction Area (ASEA)
Group Number 1
Report Reference WFRA 45759
Combustibility In accordance with BCA Clause C1.12, Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard may be used wherever a non-combustible material is required by the Code.
Total Recycled Content

*Subject to reasonable manufacturing variance.

Installation Instructions

Installing to Standards

AS/NZS2589: Gypsum linings – Application and Finishing outlines the procedures for the installation and finishing of Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard in conjunction with additional details contained in Gyprock Technical Literature.


Gyprock makes available resources that provide comprehensive selection, design, installation and maintenance guidance. 

Commercial Installation Guide

Design considerations and installation instructions.

Manufactured for Life

Gyprock plasterboard products are manufactured for life with all CSR products designed to achieve optimal performance when part of a CSR integrated system.

GECA Accredited

Verified by an independent conformity assessment body to meet the environmental, health and social/ethical criteria of the GECA Panel Boards standard.