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A quality home starts with some thoughtful planning. Whether you are building or renovating, understanding building requirements together with careful selection of wall and ceiling linings can have a lasting impact on the comfort and performance of a home. Consideration of how the home will function can also help select architectural features that can enhance the flow or separation of the space.

Dining room and kitchen with polished concrete floors and wooden styled furniture.

Building Requirements

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is a performance-based code published by the Australian Building Codes Board that contains all the performance requirements for the construction of buildings in Australia.

Volume One includes requirements for multi residential and commercial buildings. 

Volume Two covers requirements for single dwellings and attached dwellings, including a row house, terrace house, townhouse or villa unit. 

These comprehensive requirements have been developed to ensure a minimum performance of Australian dwellings and to protect the safety and amenity of occupants.

Gyprock provides tested wall and ceiling systems that assist in achieving code compliance in the areas of fire performance, acoustics and durability as well as providing high levels of performance for functional construction requirements in homes.

Fire Performance

The BCA stipulates fire performance for walls, ceilings and eaves in dwellings in the following circumstances:

  1. When the building is within 900mm of an allotment boundary or the building is within 1800mm of a building on an adjacent allotment. Gyprock has developed Boundary Wall Systems suitable for use in these areas.
  2. When a wall is shared between two dwellings high levels of fire and acoustic performance are required. Gyprock Party Wall Systems are ideal for use in these circumstances. When a building is in a designated bushfire prone area.
  3. Gyprock has a broad range of non-combustible products that are suited for use with wall and ceiling systems in these areas. Cemintel also offers a range of external cladding systems for bushfire zones.

Other Performance Considerations

Acoustic Performance

Peace and quiet is high on the list of desirable attributes in a home. It should be a place where occupants can escape unwanted noise and enjoy some tranquility. Much higher levels of acoustic comfort can be achieved by selecting a plasterboard lining that has increased sound properties like Gyprock Soundchek™ which can reduce sound transfer between rooms and the storeys of a home, or a perforated plasterboard can be used to reduce reverberation and echo in spaces such as rumpus rooms and home theatres.

Gyprock offers acoustic solutions that are ideal for use around bedrooms, nurseries, home theatres, studies and ensuite bathrooms, in fact any room in the home.


Walls are designed to provide many years of durability, with the occasional paint job the only maintenance that should be needed. However there are high traffic areas in every home that are more prone to knocks and bumps, particularly in homes with a growing family. Selecting the right plasterboard lining for these areas will provide an improved level of protection against knocks and scrapes from furniture, school bags and other day-to-day accidents.

Gyprock Superchek™ has been specifically developed with a dense core and thicker face paper to withstand the bumps and scrapes of daily life making it ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways, corridors, rumpus rooms and kids’ bedrooms.

Mould and Moisture

Thanks to improved building practices and insulation requirements for new homes and renovations, there is a lot less air ‘leakage’ than homes built years ago. This is great for thermal comfort and energy efficiency, however it can cause issues with moisture build-up that can promote the growth of mould and mildew.

Around 35% of Australian households have experienced mould which is not only unsightly but can have adverse health effects particularly on those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

In response Gyprock® Sensitive is a moisture resistant plasterboard which has been developed with a gentle but powerful antifungal agent to resist mould growth. Gyprock Sensitive is ideal for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries and rooms which may be subject to less air movement like bedrooms.