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Get your plastering project underway with Gyprock Less Mess Multi-purpose Joint Compound - one compound for all stages of the jointing process - just add jointing tape. 

Product Overview

Less Mess Multi-Purpose Joint Compound is a new semi lightweight pre-mixed formulation designed for easier application and sanding. Less Mess Multi-Purpose Joint Compound can be used for all coats in a three-coat plasterboard jointing system as well as plasterboard repairs.

With over 80%* less airborne dust generated when sanding compared to the standard DIY jointing compound range it means less mess in the home. This, along with a 24-hour drying time between coats makes Less Mess Multi-Purpose Compound ideal for home DIY jobs.

*As tested by Safe Environments Pty Ltd, November 2019

Typical Applications

Less Mess Multi-Purpose Joint Compound is typically used as the base coat, second coat, and topping coat in a 3-coat plasterboard or fibre cement system. It is ideal for use on internal walls and ceilings or as a topping compound over Wet Area Base Coat in areas subject to moisture or high humidity. 

Used in conjunction with jointing tape to complete the plasterboard joint, it can also be used for repairs and maintenance.

Need to complete the job quickly?

A faster setting joint can be achieved using a combination of Gyprock base coat and a topping compound such as Less Mess Topping Compound or one of the Professional range of toppings.

Gyprock Less Mess 2.25kg Topping Compound
Gyprock Less Mess Renders 2.25kg Multipurpose Joint Compound
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Less Prep

Less Prep Time 
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DIY Range

Professional quality in convenient pack sizes

Technical Specifications

Product Options

Gyprock Less Mess Multi-Purpose Joint Compound is available in 2.25kg, 4.5kg and 12kg pails with a shelf life of 1 year from date of manufacture.

For product availability and to place an order, contact your nearest supplier.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Specific gravity (H20=1) 1.2 - 1.5
VOC content (as specified by GBCA) 3g/L as VOC content per material

Product Manufacture

Gyprock Less Mess Multi-Purpose Joint Compound is manufactured by CSR Gyprock in Australia to stringent product specifications.

Product Handling

Transportation and manual handling: Refer to the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australia (GBMA) website for recommended OH&S practices.

Storage: Store buckets of compound in a dry environment out of direct sunlight. Remove lid and stir prior to use. Unused product should be stored by resealing the original bucket. Remix prior to use. Discard if drying has commenced.

Health and Safety

Safety Data Sheets are important documents in the construction industry and assist in the continuing focus on occupational health and safety on and off sites.


Installation Instructions

Installing to Standards

AS/NZS2589: Gypsum linings – Application and Finishing outlines the procedures for jointing and finishing of Gyprock plasterboard in conjunction with additional details contained in Gyprock Technical Literature.

Application for Recessed Edge Joints

Tape Coat

  • Fill recess in plasterboard evenly and fully with Gyprock Multi-purpose Joint Compound using a 150mm broadknife.
  • Bed in Gyprock Paper Tape centrally over the joint and cover lightly with compound.
  • Cover all fastener heads.
  • Allow to dry and harden for at least 24 hours.

Second Coat

  • When the tape coat is dry, sand off any lumps and apply a second coat, about 170mm wide, finishing slightly above the board surface.
  • Smooth the joint edges with a trowel and remove any lip to reduce sanding.
  • Cover fastener heads with a second coat of compound, laid in a different direction and extending beyond the first coat by about 25mm.
  • Allow to dry and harden for at least 24 hours.

Third Coat

  • When the second coat is dry, apply a thin finish coat over the previous coat, about 250mm wide.
  • Smooth the joint edges with a trowel to remove any lip to reduce sanding.
  • Cover previously coated fastener heads with a third coat of compound, laid is a different direction, extending beyond the previous coat by about 25mm. 


  • Allow to dry and harden for at least 24 hours.
  • Using 150 grit sandpaper or 150-220 grit mesh and a sanding float, carefully sand the joint diagonally across the joint to a smooth, even finish. Avoid scuffing the paper face of the plasterboard where it meets the compound.


Apply all paints in accordance with the paint manufacturers' recommendations 

 NOTE: In wet area applications, do not use Multi-purpose Joint Compound where the wall is to be tiled. Use Wet Area Base Coat and do not apply a topping or all-purpose compound 



  • At butt joints, follow the instructions above but extend the jointing to 250mm each side of the joint.



Gyprock makes available resources that provide comprehensive selection, design, installation and maintenance guidance. 

Gyprock professional installer setting a joint

DIY Video & Guide

Jointing Gyprock Plasterboard - watch the video or download the guide

Australian Made and Owned

Australian Made and Owned

Licensed by Australian Made Campaign Limited to use the Australian Made Logo.
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Manufactured for Life

Gyprock plasterboard products are manufactured for life with all CSR products designed to achieve optimal performance when part of a CSR integrated system.

GECA Accredited

Verified by an independent conformity assessment body to meet the environmental, health and social/ethical criteria of the GECA Adhesives, Fillers & Sealants standard.