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Gyprock SecurityWall™ Systems are steel framed walls designed to be very rigid and to provide outstanding protection against intruder entry.

Constructed with profiled sheet panels rather than studs, these space efficient systems are up to five times stiffer than stud and track construction with greatly enhanced acoustic performance. Gyprock SecurityWall Systems have been developed in two configurations, one with steel panels to both sides of a cavity, and one with a steel panel to one side and stud and track to the other side.


Gyprock SecurityWall Systems are typically used in multi-residential applications as intertenancy walls that require a greater level of intruder resistance and high levels of acoustic isolation. Other ideal applications include walls in shopping centres, foyers, atriums, hospital pharmacy areas, warehouse office walls or wherever improved intruder security, fire resistance and high acoustic isolation is required.

System Advantages

  • Continuous steel sheet provides exceptional security
  • Slender walls optimise space utilisation
  • High acoustic performance
  • Fire rated construction up to FRL -/90/90
  • Suitable for plumbing services
  • Fast, simple construction
  • Low volume of materials on-site

System Performance

Gyprock SecurityWall systems offer the ideal combination of high penetration resistance, acoustic and fire-resistant performance. A broad range of configurations, lining and insulation options exist to ensure the system meets the requirements of all typical applications.

Structural Performance

Gyprock SecurityWall Systems have been designed to resist intruder penetration and meet the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of BCA Specification C1.8 Clause 3.4, for resistance to a static pressure equal to 0.25kPa (ultimate). 

Acoustic Performance

The cavity insulation and lining options of Gyprock SecurityWall systems provide systems that have been assessed to meet or exceed the BCA minimum acoustic requirements for Class 2 intertenancy walls of Rw+Ctr 50.

System Design

Typical double steel panel layout
Typical steel panel and stud layout

System Components

Gyprock SecurityWall systems include a range of lining, insulation and accessory options to be determined by the designer in order to achieve different performance requirements. Only those product options specified should be used in order to guarantee the fire and acoustic performance of the system.

Lining Options


  • Gyprock plasterboard laminating screws
  • Drill-point wafer-head screw
  • Needle-point screw
  • Track fasteners

Other Accessories

  • Security Wall Track
  • Rondo J-Track
  • Rondo Wall Track
  • Rondo Deflection Head Track
  • Gyprock Silencer
  • Rondo Steel Studs
  • Rondo Nogging Track