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Download independent test certificates for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) levels in all Gyprock products.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be generally defined as any organic compound that participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions.   

The Green Building Council of Australia’s (GBCA) Green Star Rating Tools encourages product suppliers, designers and specifiers to use low VOC-emitting materials and finishes to minimise the level of VOCs in buildings.

The level of VOC for a product, specified in the VOC certificate can affect Green Star credits.  Gyprock has engaged CETEC Pty. Ltd to test our range of plasterboards, compounds and adhesives for levels of VOC. The following VOC certificates may be required if you are using Gyprock products on a Green Star project.

Children's room with baby cot, teepee, and mid century chair.
Group Certificates
Certificate Name Products Covered

Gyprock VOC Contents Certificate - Category 1

Gyprock Less Mess Multi-Purpose Joint Compound
Gyprock Less Mess Topping Compound
Gyprock Gold

Gyprock VOC Contents Certificate - Category 2

Gyprock Easy-Flow
Gyprock Ultra-Top
Gyprock Jointmaster
Gyprock Easy-Finish
Gyprock Easy-Base
Gyprock Pre-Mixed Cornice Cement

Gyprock VOC Contents Certificate - Category 3

Gyprock Ultra-Base MR 60
Gyprock Cornice Cement 45
Gyprock Cornice Cement 60
Gyprock Cornice Cement 90
Gyprock Base Coat 20
Gyprock Base Coat 45
Gyprock Base Coat 60
Gyprock Base Coat 90
Gyprock Pro-Repair 10
Gyprock Plaster Accelerator
Gyprock Drywall Masonry Adhesive
Gyprock Back Blocking Cement
Gyprock Casting Plaster
Gyprock Pottery Plaster
Gyprock Dental Plaster
Gyprock Superfine Plaster
Gyprock Hardwall Plaster
Gyprock Cornice Cement
Gyprock Rapid Patch
Gyprock Perforated Filler
Gyprock Rapid Set
Gyprock Masonry Adhesive

Gyprock VOC Emissions Certificate - Category 1

Gyprock Standard 13mm
Gyprock Supaceil
Gyprock Plus 10mm
Gyprock Flexible 6.5mm
Gyprock Repair Panel

Gyprock VOC Emissions Certificate - Category 2

Gyprock EC08 Complete
Gyprock Fyrchek
Gyprock Fyrchek MR
Gyprock Aquachek
Gyprock Superchek
Gyprock Soundchek
Gyprock HD

Gyprock VOC Emissions Certificate - Category 3

Gyprock Freshtone
Gyprock Supatone

Gyprock VOC Emissions Certificate - Category 4

Gyprock EC08 Extreme
Gyprock Impactchek