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In late January 2014, a fire broke out at a Karaoke Bar located in Burwood NSW and threatened to spread to adjoining residential boarding properties. The boarding properties had been built with Gyprock Fyrchek plasterboard, which ultimately saved the building from the spread of fire and extensive fire damage.

The karaoke bar was severely damaged by the fire while the adjoining boarding properties suffered minimal and mainly cosmetic damage. The builders inspecting the property attributed this to the use of Gyprock Fyrchek. The product’s processed glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core is specially designed for use in fire rated wall and ceiling systems and where improved acoustic performance is required.

Michael Doueihi from Dynamic Project Management, the firm that built the boarding properties says, “We built the properties in accordance with fire regulations and can say that the use of Fyrchek has saved lives, property and possessions. In this case, it is a great reminder of the importance and difference that a quality, fire resistant product can make”.




Much of the damage to the residential boarding properties was caused by smoke, heat and water from the fire hoses. Some heat damage has meant that sections of the fire related walls will have to be replaced, but on the whole repairs are required to ensure fire safety compliance. Rectification work is expected to take approximately two months before residents can move back into their apartments, while damage to the brick building at the karaoke bar was so excessive that it will be closed for operation for a considerable time.

According to Antoine Veling, Gyprock Commercial Segment Manager, “While it is always unfortunate when fire damage occurs to a property, we are incredibly proud to see that Fyrchek’s technology prevented the spread and impact of the blaze, ensuring minimal damage and inconvenience to all affected. This is a great example of an experienced and professional builder ensuring his plasterboard contractor has followed CSR Gyprock’s installation guidelines. It is encouraging to see that our fire rated systems perform to prevent the spread of fire”.

Gyprock Fyrchek is manufactured in Australia to Australian Standard AS2588 and is available in in 13mm and 16mm thickness in 1200mm wide panels of various standard lengths from 2400mm to 3600mm. The long edges are recessed for flush jointing.

Fyrchek is predominantly specified for commercial installations in areas where there is a higher level of fire resistance and/or acoustic performance required.

Typical applications include:

  • Fire separation and smoke walls
  • Intertenancy walls and party walls
  • Multi-residential unit ceilings
  • Lift wells
  • Plant rooms
  • Any non-wet area wall or ceiling where a fire or acoustic rated system is specified

A moisture resistant Fyrchek is also available for wet area applications, called Fyrchek MR.

"We can say that the use of Fyrchek has saved lives, property and possessions." Michael Doueihi, Dynamic Project Management.