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Warranty Details

Whether you’re installing Gyprock products, or you’re in an environment where they already exist, you can be assured you’re surrounded by unsurpassed quality. CSR Gyprock products are of an industry-leading standard, whether they are manufactured here in Australia or sourced from a preferred and trusted international partner. All products are covered by one of two comprehensive warranties offering the peace of mind to choose and use them with confidence.


For full details click here to download full warranty document

Gyprock Australian Made Products

Apart from a small number of specialty products, Gyprock manufactures all its products in Australia.

CSR Building Products Limited ("CSR") warrants its Australian made Gyprock products (the "Product") to remain free of defects in material and manufacture for the usual lifetime of the Product (25 years).


  • Gyprock Plus™
  • Gyprock Supaceil™
  • Gyprock Aquachek™
  • Gyprock Soundchek™
  • Gyprock Superchek™
  • Gyprock® Sensitive
  • Gyprock® Standard
  • Gyprock Impactchek™
  • Gyprock Fyrchek™
  • Gyprock Fyrchek™ MR
  • Gyprock EC08™ Impact
  • Gyprock EC08™ Impact MR
  • Gyprock EC08™ Complete
  • Gyprock® Flexible
  • Gyprock® Shaft Liner Panel
  • Gyprock® Shaft Liner MP Panel 
  • Gyprock® Standard 6mm Round Perforated
  • Gyprock® Repair Panel


  • Gyprock Alto™
  • Gyprock® Trio
  • Gyprock Tempo™
  • Gyprock Concerto™
  • Gyprock Symphony™
  • Gyprock® Presto
  • Gyprock Aria™
  • Gyprock® Duo
  • Gyprock® Cove 55mm, 75mm, 90mm

Compounds, adhesives and sealants

  • Gyprock® Acrylic Stud Adhesive
  • Gyprock® Masonry Adhesive, Masonry Adhesive 100
  • Gyprock® Back Blocking Cement
  • Gyprock® Base Coat 20, 45, 60, 90
  • Gyprock® Ultra-Base MR 60
  • Gyprock® Wet Area Base Coat
  • Gyprock Easy-Flow™
  • Gyprock® Pre-Mixed Total Joint Cement
  • Gyprock Ultra-AP™
  • Gyprock® Pro-Repair 10
  • Gyprock® Less Mess Multi-Purpose Joint Compound
  • Gyprock Jointmaster™
  • Gyprock Easy-Finish™
  • Gyprock Ultra-Top™
  • Gyprock® One Finish
  • Gyprock® Less Mess Topping Compound
  • Gyprock® Cornice Cement 45, 60
  • Gyprock® Pre-Mixed Cornice Cement
  • Gyprock® Rapid Patch
  • Gyprock® Rapid Set
  • Gyprock® Rapid Repair Kit
  • Gyprock® Wet Area Acrylic Sealant
  • Gyprock® Fire Mastic
  • CSR FireSeal™

Jointing Tapes

  • Gyprock® Paper Tape
  • Gyprock® Easy Tape

Specialty Plasters

  • Gyprock® Plaster Accelerator
  • Gyprock® Casting Plaster
  • Gyprock® Pottery Plaster
  • Gyprock® Dental Plaster
  • Gyprock® Superfine Plaster
  • Gyprock® Hardwall Plaster

Ceiling Panels

  • Gyprock Freshtone™ Ceiling Panels
  • Gyprock Supatone™ Ceiling Panels
  • Gyprock® Perforated Ceiling Panels

Gyprock International Alliance Products

Gyprock has developed exclusive relationships with leading manufacturers throughout the world to deliver the best technologies and products to the Australian construction industry.

CSR Building Products Limited (“CSR”) warrants its International Alliance Gyprock products (the “Product”) to remain free of defects in material and manufacture for 7 years.


  • Gyprock® Glasroc F

Perforated Plasterboard

  • Gyprock Gyptone™ 12mm Square - Standard and Flexible
  • Gyprock Gyptone™ 12mm Square Minigrid
  • Gyprock Gyptone™ Slotted Minigrid - Standard and Flexible
  • Gyprock Gyptone™ 12mm Square Minigrid Access Panel
  • Gyprock Gyptone™ 12mm Square Access Panel
  • Gyprock Gyptone™ 12mm Minigrid Access Panel
  • Gyprock Gyptone™ Slotted Minigrid Access Panel
  • Gyprock Rigitone™ Matrix 8mm Round
  • Gyprock Rigitone™ Matrix 12mm Square
  • Gyprock Rigitone™ Astral
  • Gyprock Rigitone™ Galaxy
  • Gyprock Rigitone™ Matrix 8mm Round Access Panel
  • Gyprock Rigitone™ Matrix 12mm Square Access Panel
  • Gyprock Rigitone™ Astral Access Panel
  • Gyprock Rigitone™ Galaxy Access Panel
  • Gyprock Rigitone Primer
  • Gyprock Rigitone Filler