Gyprock Supercheck environmental plasterboard

Gyprock Supercheksuptrade

Gyprock Superchek is part of Gyprock's Residential Specialty Options range. Superchek is the highest specification plasterboard in Gyprock’s residential range, manufactured with a high recycled content which increases density and board strength to deliver improved impact and sound resistance.

Superchek is not suitable where it would be in contact with water or for environments with a constant relative humidity above 90%. For wet areas in residential homes, Gyprock Aquachek or Gyprock® Sensitive would be better choices.

Gyprock Superchek is manufactured in Australia to Australian Standard AS2588 and the heavy-duty face paper is white.

High Impact Resistance

 While Gyprock’s standard plasterboard, Gyprock Plus provides good durability, Superchek provides much higher levels of impact resistance for added peace of mind. Gyprock Superchek has better resistance to dents and scrapes from things such as furniture and school bags. Comparative impact testing has shown that Gyprock Superchek requires double the force to impose a discernable surface indentation. Its denser core also provides greater sag resistance when installed to wider ceiling joist spacings.

Improved Sound Comfort

Superchek delivers better sound absorption and less noise transfer for a quieter, more comfortable home. Walls lined with Superchek provide a 15% reduction in perceived loudness compared to standard plasterboard. When installed in ceilings of multi-storey homes, Superchek can also reduce noise levels between floors.

Engineered with High Recycled Content

In the manufacturing process for Gyprock Superchek, selected waste by-products from other industries are included in the core structure. These materials would otherwise be sent to landfill and while this is an environmentally responsible initiative, the materials used also assist in boosting the plasterboard’s performance.

Product Options

Superchek is available in 10mm thickness with widths of 1200mm and 1350mm in 4200mm long panels. The long edges of all panels are recessed for flush jointing.

As a 10mm board, Superchek is predominantly used for residential applications in standard installations, where door frames and window reveals are generally designed for a 10mm internal lining.


Typical applications:

  • Any non-wet area, residential walls or ceilings where increased impact resistance or acoustic insulation is desirable
  • Projects where sustainability and environmentally sensitive building materials are important


Comprehensive installation instructions for Gyprock Superchek can be found under the Resources tab and include:

For assistance with installation, try searching for a Gyprock plasterer, builder or repairer under the Locations tab.


  • Gyprock products are manufactured for life with all CSR products designed to achieve optimal performance when part of a CSR integrated system
  • Clean offcuts of Gyprock Superchek are suitable for the Gyprock Recycling service, where available.
  • Gyprock Superchek is accredited to the GECA 04 – 2011 Panel Boards Standard which is compliant with the requirements of the GBCA’s Assessment Framework for product certification schemes.
  • The GBCA promotes green building programs, technologies, design practices and processes, and operates Australia's only national voluntary comprehensive environmental rating system for buildings - Green Star.