Gyprocksupreg Cornice

Even the smallest details can make a difference to the aesthetic harmony of a room. Gyprock cornices are the perfect finishing touch to help you create the style you are looking for, especially when balanced with other interior design features.

Inspirations Range Selecting a cornice from the Gyprock Inspirations Range will give your home a new dimension of style and detail. Whether minimal, traditional or modern in style, each has a unique and distinctive look that can add value to your home.
Contemporary Range If your style calls for something a little more modern and streamlined, the Gyprock Contemporary Range offers three minimalistic profiles that will add interest to your space with their simple and fresh appeal.
Standard Range An Australian classic due to its functional profile, Cove is available in 55mm, 75mm and 90mm sizes.
Specialty Traditional cast cornice, ceiling roses and associated items for a traditional touch or to match an existing style.