Gyprocksupreg Compounds

Gyprock offers a range of jointing systems and products to suit all applications.

Since the development of Gyprock's legendary GB175 in 1968 at our Concord factory in NSW – better known as Base Coat 45, Gyprock has consistently delivered advanced jointing products for the Australian building market.

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Gyprock Base Coats
The Gyprock range of standard Base Coats are all products which 'set' through a chemical reaction rather than dry through evaporation of water. This results in stronger joints with controlled working times after mixing. The specialist Wet Are Base Coat and Easy Base Taping Compound  are premixed, drying type compounds.
Gyprock Toppings
Gyprock offers a range of topping compounds with different weights. The lightweight products provide excellent coverage and are particularly suited to machine application while the heavyweight compounds are ideal for hand application and renovation work over existing plasterboard. They are all compounds that dry through evaporation.
Gyprock All-Purpose
Gyprock's range of all-purpose compounds can be used for all three coats in the jointing system. These are specially formulated to combine the strength of a base coat with the fine finish of a topping compound. Pro-Repair 10 is ideal for small-scale jointing and repairs.