Student Research

If you are a student looking for information and images to use in a project about Gyprock, you’ve come to the right place! The shortcut links below will take you to pages on our website you’ll find useful for this type of research.

We’ve also loaded some Gyprock images for students to use for non-commercial use only. Right click on the image to save a copy.

General information

Gyprock products

Gyprock installation

Gyprock distribution

Corporate logos

CSR Logo

CSR logo low resolution

Gyprock logo

Gyprock logo low resolution

Gyprock EC08 logo

Gyprock EC08 logo low resolution

Plasterboard manufacturing images

Gypsum pile

Gypsum pile with conveyor belt

Gypsum conveyor at the Gyprock Yarraville plant

Gypsum conveyor at Gyprock Yarraville

Gypsum at the Gyprock Yarraville plant

Gypsum at Gyprock Yarraville

Gyprock manufacturing line Yarraville plant

Manufacturing Gyprock at Yarraville plant

Installation images

Installing Gyprock plasterboard

Plasterboard installation

Setting Gyprock plasterboard joints

Setting plasterboard joints

Installing Gyprock cornice

Cornice with adhesive being installed

Gyprock Products

Gyprock plasterboard stacks

Plasterboard stacks at Gyprock Wetherill Park plant

Gyprock plasterboard ready for delivery

Gyprock stacks on truck

Gyprock plasterboard

Gyprock plasterboard stack

Gyprock Alto cornice

Gyprock Alto cornice column wrap ​​