Gyprock Rockys Rampage Mobile App

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The Red Book Companion

The Red Book Companion

A powerful, cloud-based application that is available across all digital platforms– on any phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.


  • Quick and easy navigation through the full contents of the 2017 Red Book
  • A user friendly in-built System Selector, simply enter your performance requirements and the System Selector will do the searching for you!
  • Personalisation features like booking marking and the ability to add your own notes and sketches

Download it on your device today – Simply SMS Red Book to 0400 813 813 or visit

Rocky’s Rampage Mobile App

Jump into Gyprock's latest mobile app; a playful shooter style game with attitude!

Left-handed broadknife? Double-sided trowels? Someone's having fun at Rocky the Gyprocker's expense. It's hard being the apprentice.

Sick of being the butt of all the jokes at his new worksite, Rocky has vowed to get his own back and have a little fun with his fellow tradies. Armed with his trusty caulk gun and some of the bounciest moves ever, he's going to make a run for the top floor.

Rocky starts his rampage with a basic caulking gun, but with skills and smarts you can upgrade it by collecting items as Rocky conquers each level... he'll bethankful for that triple-shot upgrade as he gets higher up the building where obstacles get trickier and the rival tradies approach thick and fast.

So what are you waiting for? Run, jump, bump, collect, avoid, shoot and race Rocky as high as you can!


  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Endless runner style, with endless levels
  • Score submission and leaderboard
  • Post, share and brag options for your best scores!

The app is available as a FREE download for iOS and Android devices.