Gyprock Cornice Presto

Gyprocksupreg Presto Cornice

Presto is part of Gyprock's Contemporary range of cornice profiles. The smart and subtle design of Gyprock Presto provides a quick to cut, fast to install cornice with a clean, modern finish. This functional profile features a 90mm flat face that creates a 15mm step along the ceiling.

A great alternative to the look of square setting, Presto delivers extra unobtrusive detail to a room whilst still maintaining a feeling of space.

Plasterboard cornice is extremely easy to cut, join and paint with no special tools or fixing equipment required, making it a cost-effective way to finish the ceiling/wall junction and provide a simple architectural feature.

To see how Presto affects the style of a room check out our cornice visualiser.

Consider cornice when you are planning a new home to add detail and a personal touch. For a complete look, keep your architecture and door hardware in theme with your cornice style.

Gyprock Presto dimensions
Product Availability
Width(mm) Length (mm)
3000 3600 4200 4800 5400

Presto is a 90mm x 15mm profile and is available as a special order. To confirm product availability, please check with your local Gyprock supplier or contact Gyprock customer service.


Cornice Manufacture

Gyprock Presto cornice is composed of gypsum plaster encased in a strong linerboard and is manufactured to stringent product specifications.


Presto Installation 1  
Presto Installation 2  
Presto Installation 3  

* To decrease the risk of cracking due to thermal movement or resettlement, the use of a suitable sealant is recommended on the wall edge in place of cornice cement.

Comprehensive installation instructions for Gyprock cornice can be found under the Resources tab and include:

For assistance with installation, try searching for a Gyprock plasterer, builder or repairer under the Locations tab.

Painting and Decoration

Finishes applied to cornice surfaces can have a significant effect on the perceived quality of the installation, particularly where critical lighting conditions exist.

  • Matt finishes minimise imperfection visibility
  • Semi-gloss and gloss finishes highlight imperfections
  • Light colours are less likely to show imperfections

Gyprock recommends paint systems consisting of one coat of a plasterboard sealer followed by two coats of finishing paint. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and recoating.

Gyprock recommend decoration in line with Master Painters Australia guidelines.

Material Safety


A Material Safety Data Sheet for Gyprock cornice is available from the Gyprock website under the Resources tab.


For guidelines on the safe handling of Gyprock cornice, reference should be made to the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australasia (GBMA) publication "Move it the GMBA Way – A Safe Manual Handling Guide for the Plasterboard Industry – Training Guide" (Reference SS172).​​​​​​


  • Gyprock products are manufactured for life with all CSR products designed to achieve optimal performance when part of a CSR integrated system