Two new contemporary cornice choices

The current explosive expansion in multi-residential development seems set to be a major focus of the residential construction industry for some time to come yet.

This move to a more compact style of living compared to detached dwellings has created the need for more contemporary styling. Gyprock has responded to this growing need with the development of two new, minimalistic cornice profiles that add plenty of modern style in a small profile form.

Gyprock® Presto

The smart and subtle design of Gyprock Presto provides a quick to cut, fast to install cornice with a clean, modern finish. This functional profile features a 90mm flat face that creates a 15mm step along the ceiling.

A great alternative to the look of square setting, Presto delivers extra unobtrusive detail to a room whilst still maintaining a feeling of space.

Gyprock® Duo

The simple, strong profile design of Gyprock Duo features modern lines for a short, sharp statement. Duo is part of our contemporary range of cornices and is ideally suited to modern homes and décor.

Take a look at the rest of the Gyprock Cornice range and explore your style with our online gallery to see how Gyprock cornice can transform a room.​​