Gyprock's new Gyptone Perforated Plasterboard range provides acoustic performance with design freedom

CSR Gyprock has launched a new perforated plasterboard range called Gyptone, allowing architects and designers to create beautiful ceilings and walls that achieve high levels of acoustic performance. Gyptone has been launched in Australia through Gyprock's exclusive relationship with worldwide plasterboard specialist Saint-Gobain. The three new Gyptone plasterboard options with unique seamless access panels feature excellent acoustic capability and innovative VOC reducing Activ'Air technology to improve indoor air quality.

The plasterboard perforations together with acoustic fabric lining improves performance and reduces echo and noise reverberation to create more comfortable environments for work and leisure. Good acoustic design includes control of both sound transmission and sound absorption. The Gyptone range of perforated plasterboard is suitable for both ceilings and walls, providing ease and versatility for installation, and a surface that is more durable than mineral fibre or similar acoustic absorbers.

Gyprock's new Gyptone Perforated Plasterboard range

The Gyptone Range features three contemporary perforation patterns, Gyptone 12mm Square, Gyptone 12mm Square Minigrid, and Gyptone Slotted Minigrid, each with different percentages of open area to meet most acoustic application requirements. Each board in the range is supplied at a size of 2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm. The Gyptone boards can also be used for curved installations down to a radius of 6000mm (dry bending), allowing architects and designers to create stunning architectural features. Unlike standard plasterboard, all four edges of the Gyptone sheet are recessed to make flush jointing quicker and easier which negates the need for butt joints.

A key feature of the Gyptone range is Activ'Air, a patented technology that converts formaldehyde into non-harmful inert compounds that are permanently locked in the board and cannot be released back into the air. This can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde with an environment by up to 60% when installed in ceilings.

Gyprock's new Gyptone Perforated Plasterboard range

Unique access panels are available in each of the three Gyptone board patterns and consist of a plasterboard frame that is easily set into the ceiling and a 510mm square hatch piece with a matching perforation pattern that fits neatly into the frame. These panels provide access to the ceiling cavity while ensuring a seamless look across the surface.

Gyprock's new Gyptone Perforated Plasterboard range

Gyprock's perforated plasterboard core range also includes the Standard 6mm Round, which is the traditional perforated pattern that has been extensively used throughout Australia for many years. Gyprock's Standard 6mm Round provides an economical aesthetic solution for ceilings or walls and is supplied without an acoustic fabric backing. 6mm Round's acoustic performance is adequate for most situations where moderate levels of attenuation are required.

Both the Gyptone and Standard 6mm round perforated plasterboard products are installed using standard direct-fix methods, finished with a three coat jointing system. Detailed information on installation can be found in the Gyprock Commercial Installation Guide Addendum, available here.

Gyprock perforated plasterboard is available in a range of contemporary patterns and provides a unique design element for acoustic ceiling and wall projects. Learn more about Gyprock's perforated range by downloading the Gyprock Perforated Plasterboard brochure.

Gyptone Gallery

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