A rationalised Gyprock EC08suptrade Range

Gyprock EC08 with reCore Technology

The development of reCore™ technology by CSR Gyprock in the late 2000s allowed the Australian plasterboard market leader to produce plasterboard featuring higher levels of recycled content.

This, along with the adherence to other environmental manufacturing standards, led to the launch of the Gyprock EC08™ range - Australia's first plasterboard to earn Good Environmental Choice Australia accreditation in 2008.

EC08 Hospital 

Since its advent, the EC08™ range continued to expand to six plasterboard variants, meeting the application specific performance requirements for Green Building projects.

With a continuous focus on innovation and implementation of manufacturing initiatives, Gyprock was proud to receive GECA accreditation across the majority of its plasterboard range in 2014, with these products now able to contribute to Green Star Points via Green Star rating tools.

GECA Accreditation 

EC08 School

With so many options available to contribute to the Green credentials of Australian buildings, Gyprock has decided to streamline the EC08™ range, keeping those boards with both higher levels of performance plus the much higher levels of recycled content, and reducing duplication in the simpler products available.

The following table details the EC08™ range updates along with the best Gyprock board substitute to specify for the deleted lines:

EC08 Table

EC08™ Impact MR, Impact and Partition will be available for a limited time as noted, or as special production runs where minimum order quantities will apply.

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