Heavyweight security in a light weight wall

CSR Gyprock SecurityWallTM Systems are the preferred choice for building projects where a standard, lightweight wall is not adequate and additional security is required. These unique systems maintain lightweight construction while offering enhanced defence.

The SecurityWall Systems are designed to be very rigid and suited to walls that require a greater level of intruder resistance. In place of steel studs they use profiled steel panels that cover the inside of the entire wall providing simple and effective protection against intruder entry and very high acoustic resistance.

Get heavyweight security in a light weight wall  

Originally intended to be used as intertenancy walls for multi-residential buildings that require high levels of acoustic isolation, SecurityWall Systems are now quite commonly used for a number of different applications where stronger walls are required, including:

  • Pharmaceutical storage room walls in hospitals
  • Between tenancies in shopping centres
  • Around commercial storage facilities

Utilising the continuous steel sheet profiles as framing it is possible to keep the wall width to a minimum, while remaining extremely rigid for tall walls. Additionally SecurityWall Systems offer effective acoustic impact isolation and superior fire resistance ratings by up to two hours.

A SecurityWall has all the benefits of a plasterboard wall, including a nice, smooth finish that can be painted or decorated to ensure consistency with other internal walls.

Detailed system specifications to suit a range of applications are provided in the Gyprock SecurityWall Systems' technical manual.​​