CSR brands partner to support South Australian market

SR brands partner to support South Australian market

For over 150 years, CSR has been building a portfolio of strong, trusted Australian brands. Now, as one of Australia's largest building materials companies, CSR provides a leading portfolio of products and services that support all segments of the Australian construction industry – residential, commercial, industrial and civil. Heading up the partnership with the South Australian chapter of the AIA, Gyprock is proud to present to our offer alongside our other participating CSR brands, and welcomes you to reach out and engage with us.


Cultivating relationships with established AIA members and newcomers via the NAG group, Gyprock is represented locally by Barry Fitzharris. With a suite of brands to represent, Barry's strong product knowledge, intimate understanding of architectural practice and drive to deliver the best possible outcome make him an ideal contact.

Gyprock delivers innovative products, supporting documentation for design and installation phases, plus CAD and Revit files to improve speed and detailing efficiencies. Visit gyprock.com.au for more info, of get in contact with Barry via 1300 306 556.


Cemintel are quickly growing a strong presence in South Australia, partnering with key AIA members and the NAG Group. Cemintel is represented locally by Barry Fitzharris & Heather Krombholz in the commercial and residential segments. With a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them both, they are well-equipped to service the needs of all architectural customers in South Australia.

Cemintel offers a wide-range of unique fibre cement cladding solutions backed by compelling services including 3D rendering, specification data and a suite of CAD and Revit files to ensure any project is completed easily and efficiently. Visit cemintel.com.au for more information.


Ceilector's South Australian Business Development Manager, Timo Van Der Heyden, brings an intimate understanding of the specific needs of South Australia's acoustic, aesthetic and environmental requirements. At present in the South Australian market there is a strong focus on the importance of Seismic standards. Timo works closely with diverse Government Departments and Architects when designing new buildings in South Australia in order to provide them with a thorough understanding of the complexity and general requirements for a ceiling system to meet Seismic standards.

Visit ceilector.com.au or contact Timo on 8344 0666 for further information.


Bradford developed DesignSmart™ to help architects and specifiers select the right insulation products for their building projects. DesignSmart™ encompasses a range of web based tools to guide you through the requirements of the BCA, quickly complete complex design calculations and propose compliant insulation systems to meet or exceed regulations. Find out more about the DesignSmart™ tool at Bradfordinsulation.com.au/designsmart


Hebel AAC is specified in residential, commercial, industrial and civil construction. Most commonly known as a high performance cladding solution for homes, the Hebel PowerPanelXL external wall system is a holistic design that adds design value through its thermal and acoustic performance, weathertightness, sustainability and ease of construction. Hebel is also used extensively in internal and external wall systems for apartments and multi-residential developments and as an alternative to concrete flooring in both residential and commercial applications.

For more information visit hebel.com.au.


Viridian is Australia's number one glass provider and the only manufacturer or float glass in Australia. Driven by technology, Viridian manufactures and has access to the broadest range of glass products available in the Australasian market. Continuous product innovation ensures the development of the most appropriate products for the Australian market and climate that reduce environmental impact, lower energy consumption and provide additional comfort to building occupants. View the latest edition of Viridian's Vision magazine here.

Visit Viridianglass.com.au for more info, of get in contact with your local site via 1800 810 403.