Gyprock® Recycling Service

The Gyprock recycling service operates in a number of metropolitan areas, recycling waste plasterboard to help builders reduce the cost of waste disposal and help the environment.

Waste material in landfill sites is a growing environmental issue with Government authorities increasingly insisting on better waste management practices. The rising cost of waste disposal has also become a major issue for builders.

In locations where the Gyprock recycling service is available, builders can save on plasterboard waste tipping fees and site clean up costs as well as improve site safety with better resource management.

Environmentally conscious homebuyers also prefer to use builders who recycle and use products with lower environmental impact.

How the service works

The plasterboard fixing contractor simply leaves all clean offcut plasterboard material to be recycled just inside the boundary for collection. The contractor then organises collection directly with Gyprock’s recycling contractor.

After collection for recycling, recycled plasterboard material is guaranteed to be 100% fully recycled.

Acceptable Recycling Material

Only new, clean Gyprock plasterboard waste can be accepted. Non-acceptable materials include vinyl-covered panels, non-plasterboard ceiling panels, metal components or fixings, fibre cement, mixing boards with set cement, demolition waste, timber, chemicals, plastic, packaging, paper or general building waste and rubbish. Certain specialty plasterboards such as Impactchek™ are not recyclable due to their core structure. Rain-dampened plasterboard can be accepted if clean.

Recycling Hours and Arrangements

In order to meet stringent quality standards, only recycling service providers who understand Gyprock’s requirements for plasterboard recycling can be used for collection.

Material collection is accepted Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm.

The Gyprock Recycling service is not available in all areas. To find out if your area is serviced and for a list of approved collection contractors call 131744.

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