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Gyprock Party Wall systems are designed to meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for Class 1 Buildings, featuring discontinuous construction and acoustic performance to a standard of Rw+Ctr 50.

The system is also fire resistant (FRL 60/60/60) and has the added benefit of design freedom – achieved through the system’s double load bearing walls with a centralised fire barrier. The design allows services including water and electricity to be run within the wall frame, without affecting the system’s performance.

DesignLINK Manager Angus Kell commented that the fire damage in the photograph looks as though it had been caused by either a site accident or through vandalism.

While it is evident that both sides of the duplex were uninhabited, Angus notes that a standalone smoke detector would have provided warning only to the dwelling where the fire was active, leaving the adjoining home unaware of the fire danger.

“Whereas apartments can rely on interconnected fire alarm systems to ensure all occupants are forewarned and have the maximum amount of time to evacuate, townhouses and duplexes however are unaware of danger beyond the common wall. A Gyprock Party Wall system protects the opposite side of the dwelling, ensuring the fire does not spread."

"With unique aluminium clips, Gyprock’s Party Wall is designed to allow one side of the system to collapse and fall away, therefore removing the direct threat of fire transfer and maintaining the protection to the remaining dwelling." Angus Kell, DesignLINK Manager

The Gyprock Party Wall system is available in steel and timber options with flexibility of internal linings to cover individual room needs. It is a lightweight system and can be installed rapidly without the use of wet trades. For information is available in the Party Wall Design and Installation Guide.