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Plasterboard Recycling

Gyprock is committed to sustainable manufacturing processes and operates to measurable targets for waste reduction as well as water and energy consumption. 

Gyprock plasterboard products are manufactured from gypsum, paper and a small amount of additives. The paper liner board used for plasterboard and cornice is made from 100% recycled newspapers and cartons and the additives are benign materials such as gypsum, starch and detergent. The energy used in the manufacture of plaster products is amongst the lowest of any building product*. Emissions are limited to water vapour and products from natural gas consumption.

Gyprock recycles more than 95% of its manufacturing waste either back into the production process or through conversion to by-products such as soil conditioners for the agricultural industry.

Gyprock recommends that builders and contractors consider recycling their plasterboard waste, helping the environment by reducing landfill while reducing tipping fees and site clean-up costs, and improving site safety through better resource management. Environmentally conscious homebuyers also prefer to use builders who recycle and use products with lower environmental impact.

Most States and Territories have a range of recycling options. Regyp offers a national solution and recycles all types of plasterboard and cornice scrap into a range of products for agriculture. You can also search for a range of local independent collectors.

*Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) (2007), Potential Earnings Impacts from Climate Change: Construction

Recycling at the Gyprock Plant, NSW

The Gyprock manufacturing plant in New South Wales features an on-site recycling service which takes clean offcuts of Gyprock Plus, Standard 13mm and Supaceil, removes the paper, and delivers the crushed core back into the fabrication process

This service is available only by agreement to residential builders, assisting in reducing the cost of waste disposal and helping the environment.