Gyprock launches the Red Book, best-in-class systems design guide

Gyprock launches The Red Book

CSR Gyprock® has released an all-new, expanded edition of the industry's most respected design guide, the Red Book™, to help architects, designers, engineers and specifiers with the selection of fire, acoustic and thermal wall, ceiling, column and beam systems. The comprehensive 442-page guide provides a wealth of performance detail, including approximately 425 additional systems, offering a go-to resource for design professionals.

Making note of construction industry trends and BCA requirements, the new guide revolves around a range of respected CSR brands, comprising of Gyprock, Cemintel, Ceilector, Bradford, Hebel and AFS, covering a wide range of complementary products to assist in internal and external wall and ceiling solutions, across commercial and residential building projects.

The Red Book - Fire Acoustic & Thermal Design Guide

With the number of solutions growing each year, culminating in around 975 listed systems; up from 550 in the 2011 edition, the guide features expanded data as well as a number of new content additions, including detail to support thermal performance requirements. Located in Section G External Walls, the guide expands on the information provided in the previous edition with thermal sections including three typical bulk insulation options and two typical sarking types, and focuses on specific cladding options from the Cemintel suite with timber and steel framing options detailed. With the continued expansion of the multi-residential segment in mind, Gyprock have reconsidered lining types and layers for cost effectiveness and performance, and have added AFS wall systems to address pre-fabricated construction and its inherent benefits around speed and ease of installation. A current trend towards breathable membranes to help manage condensation issues has been reflected in the addition of Bradford Enviroseal ProctorWrap, featured in many of the sections systems.

Leveraging CSR Gyprock's technical expertise, the manual reflects a greater focus on specific solutions for a range of key applications, including internal walls through an increase in the number of fire assessments, and new dedicated sections for Gyprock EC08 plasterboard and a seperate section for ceilings, which covers roof/ceiling and floor/ceiling combinations. With performance data clearly set out to showcase the range of systems options achievable, all solutions in the manual are backed by independent test results or professional opinions.

Consideration of current market trends has been a key focus of the new manual, with the Gyprock Red Book now heavily catering for the health industry. Taking learnings from Gyprock's recent contribution to the landmark new Royal Adelaide Hospital development in South Australia and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre project near Melbourne city, Gyprock's commitment to the creation of quality internal spaces for the care and support of the community is reflected in the inclusion of a comprehensive section for high-performance products. Section E EC08 Wall and Ceiling Systems features lining materials, like Gyprock's EC08 Complete premium, multi-function plasterboard, which may significantly contribute to Green Star building projects.

Integral to these large-scale projects is Gyprock's DesignLINK technical specialists, whose knowledge and experience of devising specific solutions for specialised projects has been captured in the manual with revised Section Z. The much larger Technical Details section represents a change in enquiries from compound and board installation to the integration of systems, focusing on the comprehensive penetration, portal frames, bulkhead and discontinuous blade wall details, as well as the use of the Gyprock Silencer – an ideal solution for maintaining fire or acoustic performance in walls with penetrations.

Commenting on the new guide, Najwa Khoury, Gyprock Marketing Manager, says, "We've comprehensively explored junction details and have focused on solutions which reflect what actually happens, or is practical to replicate on site. This makes the Gyprock Red Book the go-to resource for a complete solution – not just wall and ceiling systems – but also junctions. Over the years we've noticed there's been a change in enquiry types. Previously it was just product specific – plasterboard and compounds. Now, it's about how it all works together, it's about systems. We've listened to the market and delivered a best-in-class systems manual for our customers."

The Red Book - Available in different formats

Recognising that information accessibility is a major requirement for design professionals, the Gyprock Red Book will be delivered to the market for consumption in a variety of ways. Whether users prefer a traditional printed copy, a saved PDF version in a digital library, or the download of a single section while on the go, has an option available. In addition, the 2017 edition brings with it the Red Book Companion application – a digital tool available on all phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It features the full content of the Gyprock Red Book, redesigned for screen useability plus additional functionality designed with design professionals in mind. For users, the Red Book Companion delivers an opportunity to personalise the Book by bookmarking favourite systems, adding notes and sketches, and the option for sending full system details direct to an email address. The built-in System Selector will assist with navigation to system options that meet specific performance criteria, improving search speed and ensuring the best option is selected. This functionality is all saved against a personal profile, which users are prompted to set up at download. The Red Book Companion will be a game-changer as Gyprock has made the Red Book easily accessible wherever, however and whenever for all users.

The Gyprock Red Book is available in hard copy via local representatives, soft copy PDF format online, and via the Red Book Companion application on all devices. To download a free PDF of the Red Book and access the Red book Companion, visit To gain instant access to The Red Book Companion app on your mobile phone, SMS Red Book to 0400 813 813.