Revolutionary development in plasterboard


Well-known for achieving industry milestones it’s another first for the Australian plasterboard market leader as CSR Gyprock® launch new Supaceil™ with Optimised Core™ technology.

With Optimised Core Gyprock set out to develop a technology that would facilitate the next generation of plasterboard, providing balanced improvements over a variety of attributes. Optimised Core technology is a revolutionary development enabling an advanced performance-to-weight ratio for plasterboard, which means a greater breaking strength can be achieved in a substantially lighter board as well as exceeding the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS2588.

In 1991 Gyprock revolutionised the plasterboard industry of Australia when it introduced Supaceil, delivering the first 10mm ceiling board with the ability to span to 600mm centres by incorporating glass fibre to reinforce the core. Since its introduction Supaceil has continued to set the standard when it comes to plasterboard.

In 2014, Gyprock continues to evolve the range by incorporating Optimised Core technology into the Supaceil manufacturing process. Gyprock Supaceil is the first plasterboard in Australia to feature Optimised Core technology. This technology, combined with the use of a stronger, thicker face paper, delivers substantial performance benefits.


Supaceil with Optimised Core is stronger and has a better breaking strength so that handling performance is greatly improved; it is lighter making it easier to lift for better sheet manoeuvrability and improved flex; the face appearance is now more uniform so a more professional finish can be achieved; score and snap has been significantly improved to allow for crisper edges and cleaner cuts and the board has been designed with glass fibre reinforcement so it can span to 600mm.

So what is the secret of Gyprock Supaceil with Optimised Core? As with many things it starts at the core. Most tests of physical strength show us that they are dependent on stable core muscles. We can find examples of this in nature where certain cellular structures provide exceptional strength and rigidity such as the honeycomb structures in beehives.

For a man made structure such as plasterboard, high levels of strength and flex are desired for performance. For manoeuvrability and handling boards needs to be able to bend without breaking and not be brittle, they need to be easy to score and snap, with clean cuts and square edges. The structural principals of Optimised Core technology enable a premium result.

Supaceil with Optimised Core technology has been extensively tested across Australia with consistently positive feedback from plasterboard installers. Installation trials of thousands of square metres of new Supaceil have confirmed that the benefits of Optimised Core represent real product improvements for the trade, when compared to the original and already highly regarded Supaceil product.​​​​​​​​​​