Gyprock devotes substantial resources to new technology development to ensure our products and systems are the best possible for Australia's ever-changing construction needs.

Over the years, Gyprock has introduced innovative technologies that have had a major impact on product performance and installation practices.

Much of the research and development is conducted in Gyprock's NATA accredited Research Centre in Wetherill Park. Gyprock also collaborates with other research leaders in Australia and overseas to create the best products for the Australian market

Optimised Core™ technology

Optimised Core

Optimised Core was another first-to-market innovation by Gyprock. This revolutionary technology was developed to allow the production of plasterboard with higher levels of machine direction breaking strength with reduced weight for easier lifting and handling.

Gyprock's 10mm Supaceil™and Plus™ are both manufactured with Optimised Core technology.

Activ'Air technology

Active Air

Activ'Air is a patented technology that converts formaldehyde into non-harmful inert compounds that are permanently locked in the board and cannot be released back into the air.

Activ'Air was developed by worldwide plasterboard specialist, Saint-Gobain, and is a feature in both Gyptone and Rigitone Perforated Plasterboard ranges. This technology is available to the Australian market thanks to Gyprock's International Alliance program.