Gyprocksupreg Plasterboards

Plasterboard is an internal wall and ceiling lining board, used in residential and commercial lightweight framed construction.

Gyprock® manufactures a wide range of premium quality plasterboard in Australia including general application boards as well as specialty boards for acoustic, fire, wet area, impact and mould resistant systems. Gyprock also manufactures a complete range of environmental boards for Green Building projects.

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Premium quality standard Gyprock plasterboard Quality Standard Plasterboard Gyprock's standard range of plasterboard is manufactured to exceed the performance requirements of Australian standard AS2588 and is respected by industry professionals for its easy handling, better score and snap and beautiful flat finish.
Gyprock specialty plasterboard Gyprock Specialty Plasterboard The plasterboards in the Gyprock 'chek' range have been specifically engineered with improved performance attributes to meet a variety of construction requirements. These boards are used in wall and ceiling systems where tested fire, acoustic and structural performance is specified.
Gyprock environmental plasterboard Gyprock Environmental Plasterboard The Gyprock environmental range is made up of plasterboards that have been formally accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). Each board in the range has been manufactured with higher levels of recycled content , allowing EC08™ plasterboards to meet the requirements needed for attaining Green Star Points.
Gyprock special purpose plasterboard Gyprock Special Purpose Plasterboard Gyprock manufactures a number of special purpose products for applications requiring specific properties not found in the standard, specialty or environmental plasterboard ranges.