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Wet areas are defined as areas within a building that are supplied with water. They require special consideration in new homes and renovations because of the high level of moisture they are subjected to and the risk that poorly lined wet areas can have on other rooms in the home.

Room Types

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Wet areas in a home include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Ensuites
  • Showers
  • Laundries
  • Toilets

BCA Requirements

The Building Code of Australia requires that wet areas be treated in accordance with Australian Standard AS3740 Waterproofing of Wet Areas within Residential Buildings. Additional requirements may apply in some states.

AS3740 classifies wet areas into Levels of Risk and specifies which walls, floors, junctions and penetrations are to be treated as waterproof or water resistant.

High risk areas are bathrooms and laundries that require a floor waste, and shower areas. Medium risk areas are outside of the shower in bathrooms and adjacent to baths and spas. Low risk areas are laundries and toilets, and other walls adjoining sinks and tubs.

Gyprock Wet Area Products

Gyprock Aquachek

Gyprock Aquachek is a gypsum plasterboard with the core, face and back treated to make it resistant to moisture and humidity. Aquachek has extremely low water absorption characteristics compared to other lining materials, eliminating the possibility of water wicking up the lining board causing subsequent damage to the structure or finishing.

It not subject to moisture movement, therefore it provides an excellent stable substrate for ceramic tiles. It is a recessed edge plasterboard so joints can be taped and set.

Where Aquachek extends beyond a tiled area, it provides an ideal surface for painting, wall papering and other decorative treatments and joins seamlessly with other 10mm plasterboards that may be present, as well as perfectly suiting standard door and window reveals.

Gyprock Sensitive

The core of Gyprock Sensitive is treated with a powerful but gentle antifungal agent, which gives it a high level of mould resistance throughout the core and liner paper. It also has the same moisture resistance properties as Aquachek and can be used in the same way.

Gyprock Wet Area Base Coat

Wet Area Base Coat is formulated specially for wet areas and is recommended for all set sheet joints of walls required to be waterproof or water resistant.

Gyprock Wet Area Acrylic Sealant

Wet Area Acrylic Sealant is a permanently flexible, paintable sealant used to seal the edge of Gyprock Aquachek against other surfaces such as a preformed shower base or bath and around plumbing fixtures.

Recommended Wet Area Systems

For walls required to be waterproof or water resistant, Gyprock recommends a waterproof membrane and tiles over Aquachek plasterboard. There are no statutory requirements for treatment to ceilings of wet areas but for superior moisture resistance, Gyprock recommends Gyprock Aquachek or Sensitive. Alternatively, Gyprock Supaceil or Gyprock Plus Plasterboards are also suitable.

The Gyprock Residential Installation Guide has complete details of systems for all wet area risk levels.

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