Gyprock Education Solutions

Energy Efficiency Solutions for Education Facilities

Gyprock’s recommended wall systems are designed to exceed the performance requirements in the BCA.

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Gyprock provides system recommendations designed to reduce energy consumption in education facilities.

These systems are outlined in the Gyprock Education Design Guide with a much wider selection available through the online System Selector and The Gyprock Red Book.

BCA Energy Efficiency Requirements for Education Facilities

Energy Efficiency provisions are included in Volume 1 of the BCA for class 2 to 9 buildings. These represent only minimum acceptable energy efficiency standards – eliminating worst practice – and not optimum levels of insulation.

Gyprock recommends an increase in insulation performance over and above BCA minimums. This will result in long-term energy savings for the building with little increase in overall installed cost. Increasing insulation levels will quickly pay dividends for building owners presenting short term return on installation costs. The benefits of reduced energy costs can be passed on to building occupants and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Compliance can be achieved via verification with an acceptable rating scheme or using the Deemed to Satisfy provisions in the BCA. In part, these general requirements are listed in the table below.

BCA Climate Zones

BCA2009 Climate Zone Map

Minimum Required Material R Value

BCA Education Insulation Requirements

Tables covering BCA minimum required R Values for other building components including pipework and ductwork are included in the Gyprock Education Design Guide.​