Gyprock Jointing Tapes

Gyprocksupreg Jointing Tapes

Gyprock jointing tapes are used to provide strength and rigidity in the first coat of a three coat plasterboard jointing process.

The tape is bedded in a base coat or multi-purpose compound before the second coat and topping coat is applied and sanded ready for painting.

Gyprock tapes are also used in conjunction with a patching compound to repair dents, cracks and holes in plasterboard walls, ceilings and cornice.

Gyprock Jointing Tape Range

Gyprock Paper Tape  

Gyprock Paper Tape

  • Gyprock Paper Tape is a professional taping product that provides high tensile strength for stronger joints.
  • It has a rough texture for better adhesion and spark perforations for a smoother finish.
  • Paper Tape is creased along the centre line for better corners and performance in automatic taping tools.
  • Available in 75m and 150m rolls.
Gyprock Easy Tape  

Gyprock Easy Tape

  • Easy Tape is a self-adhesive, fibreglass mesh jointing tape designed for plasterboard repairs and minor wall jointing projects.
  • Easy Tape is used with Gyprock Rapid Patch or Base Coat compounds for repairing cracks and holes in plasterboard walls, ceilings and cornice.
  • Easy Tape can also be used for taping minor sections of wall joints but should never be used for ceilings.
  • Easy Tape is not suitable for use in fire-rated systems.
  • Available in 20m and 90m rolls.

Installation Assistance

Comprehensive installation instructions for Gyprock plasterboard and compounds can be found under the Resources tab and include:

For assistance with installation, try searching for a Gyprock plasterer, builder or repairer under the Locations tab.

Product Warranty

Gyprock products are manufactured for life with all CSR products designed to achieve optimal performance when part of a CSR integrated system.​​