Gyprock specialty Hardwall Plaster

Gyprocksupreg Hardwall Plaster

Specialty Plaster

Gyprock Hardwall Plaster is used for plaster setting of masonry walls, soffits and concrete ceilings. When used with hydrated lime (lime putty), a high gloss finish is produced.

It is a low VOC plaster manufactured by Gyprock in Australia to stringent product specifications and packed in a burnt orange coloured bag.

Trowel Applied

Gyprock Hardwall Plaster is usually applied over cement render or concrete. It provided easy trowelling to assist in initial application and finish


Walls and soffits should be scraped to remove any lumps or foreign matter before the application of the first coat of plaster. In hot or dry conditions it may be necessary to wet the surface before applying plaster to prevent the plaster drying out before setting.

Product Options

Gyprock Hardwall Plaster is available in a 20kg bag.​


  • Gyprock products are manufactured for life with all CSR products designed to achieve optimal performance when part of a CSR integrated system
  • All Gyprock jointing products exceed the GBCA specification for Volatile Organic Compound content according to independent testing. Test certificates are available under the Resources tab.
  • Gyprock® Hardwall Plaster is accredited to the GECA AFSv4.0-2014 Adhesives, Fillers & Sealants Standard which is compliant with the requirements of the GBCA’s Assessment Framework for product certification schemes.