Gyprock Cornice Cement 60 for cornice installation

Gyprocksupreg Cornice Cement 60

Gyprock Cornice Cement 60 is used for fixing Gyprock cornice at wall and ceiling junctions where the substrate is plasterboard or fibre cement. It is also used for finishing cornice joints and mitres and laminating sheets of plasterboard together.

Cornice Cement 60 has a 60 minute working life. For a faster setting time, choose Gyprock Cornice Cement 45.

This is a low VOC compound manufactured by Gyprock in Australia to stringent product specifications and packed in a purple coloured bag.

Superior Adhesion

Gyprock Cornice Cement 60 provides good initial grab with high bond strength after setting.

Defined Setting Time

Cornice Cement 60 is a setting type compound rather than a drying type with working life of 50-60 minutes. This plaster- based adhesive has a stabilised setting time so that the setting time is predictable and consistent under normal field conditions.

Product Options

Gyprock Cornice Cement 60 is available as a dry powder in 10kg and 20kg bags. (10kg bag not available in NSW)


Spread 10mm wide continuous beads of cement along the length of each back edge of cornice. Press the cornice into position and remove excess with a broadknife. Clean off any residue with a damp brush or sponge.

More Installation Assistance

Comprehensive installation instructions for Gyprock plasterboard cornice and compounds can be found under the Resources tab and include:

For assistance with installation, try searching for a Gyprock plasterer, builder or repairer under the Locations tab.

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  • Gyprock products are manufactured for life with all CSR products designed to achieve optimal performance when part of a CSR integrated system
  • All Gyprock jointing products exceed the GBCA specification for Volatile Organic Compound content according to independent testing. Test certificates are available under the Resources tab.
  • Gyprock® Cornice Cement 60 is accredited to the GECA AFSv4.0-2014 Adhesives, Fillers & Sealants Standard which is compliant with the requirements of the GBCA’s Assessment Framework for product certification schemes.