CSR Gyprock EC08™ Impact

Nepean Hospital - Penrith, NSW Case study: Nepean Hospital // Penrith, NSW

The Project

Sydney's greater west is one area in Australia that is reflecting our nation's rapid growth, which means an increased demand on infrastructure and public facilities such as hospitals. Already a substantial size of 490 beds, the Nepean Hospital, Penrith, is in the process of a major extension development to accommodate the area's growing needs.

When Precision Interior Walls and Ceilings was asked to transform the open-plan Southbank office block into one separated internally by 125 walls and 25 ceilings, the project called for the best acoustic building products on the market.

The Challenge

Hospital projects and aged care facilities pose complex challenges in terms of impact, fire and acoustic requirements, which is why CSR Gyprock EC08™ Impact was selected as the wall lining solution for this project.

EC08™ Impact is a premium plasterboard that meets all of the unique requirements of healthcare facilities while offering the added benefit of a green building solution. Specifically designed for both hard and soft body impact applications, EC08™ Impact is ideal for areas in hospitals or aged care facilities which are exposed to bumps and abrasion. This reduces the need for ongoing maintenance saving the hospital labour and material costs and potential down time. The product also offers excellent acoustic performance and is fire rated - two important considerations for healthcare building design.

Construction on the hospital's $85.5 million extension began in mid 2010 and is due for completion in early 2012. Designed by Hassell Architects in Sydney, the three storey 15,000sqm building will house a new ambulatory procedures centre including six new operating theatres, and an additional 60 in-patient beds, with a new corridor link to the existing main hospital, where work includes an extended intensive care unit, and replacement of the existing chapel.

Hassell project architect Brian Cunningham notes that Gyprock EC08™ Impact was specified for the corridors of the hospital extension for various reasons. "The wall lining had to meet fire and acoustic ratings, and being installed in a high circulation area of the hospital it also had to offer a high level of both soft and hard body impact resistance. In addition, the construction was following best practices so the fact that the EC08™ boards have Green Star credit made the selection all that more easy," says Brian.

The Result

EC08™ Impact is one of three boards in the Gyprock EC08™ range that carry Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certification and can contribute to Green Star points in the Green Building Council Australia's calculators.

Architectural Manager, CSR Lightweight Systems, Gavin Bernardino, says, "When considering the environmental impact large public buildings such as hospitals have on its surrounding community, it is easy to see the benefits of sustainable design and reducing the environmental impact of the building."

Gavin Bernardino adds, "As is the nature with the high energy cost of running a hospital, everything installed has to be energy efficient in order to keep the ongoing costs to a minimum."

"The very functional nature of these types of buildings sees daily internal crowds made up of patients, staff, visitors and suppliers, so it is crucial that noise transferred within the building does not disturb staff or patients, while fire rated design is achieved for the compartmental walls or fire isolated passageways requiring a fire resistance level."

"In addition, because all CSR Gyprock® products are locally manufactured and supported, supply and price can be guaranteed, while also supporting local jobs and ultimately the economy."

The Product

The EC08™ Impact boards are produced with the highest level of recycled content found in the Gyprock® standard or fire rated range of plasterboard, but unlike mesh reinforced plasterboard, they can also be recycled rather than add to the growing waste problem. In addition, EC08™ Impact is easier to cut than mesh reinforced impact grade plasterboard, making it easier to work with.

Light green in colour, the Gyprock EC08™ Impact range is available in 13mm thickness and in three dimensions 1200 x 2700, 1200 x 3000 and 1200 x 3600mm. Installation of Gyprock EC08™ is practical and simple – install as per standard plasterboard practice.

For more information on the EC08™ Range, contact Gyprock® on 1800 621 117 or visit gyprock.com.au ​ ​​​