Ceiling design that's off with the Pixels™

Ceiling design that’s off with the Pixels

Pixels is a unique process that can create custom perforated images from photographs, brand logos or geometric shapes. Tapping into a new realm of design potential the process means limitless possibilities for almost any interior space enabling the creation of signature graphic design on metal ceilings and wall-mounted panels.

Brought to the Australian market by partners CeilectorTM and USG, Pixels is part of USG's specialty range of Ceilings that allows flexibility in creative vision while maintaining distinct architectural elements in the process. The tiles are available in a variety of sizes. They can be as small as 610mm x 610mm or as large as 610mm x 1830mm and can either be wall mounted or placed in the ceiling.

The process was recently selected, along with USG's Compasso EliteTM products to complete the Grant Thornton lift lobby in Brisbane. Grant Thornton, one of the world's leading organisations of independent assurance and tax advisory, selected the process due to the design flexibility it offered.

Ceiling design that’s off with the Pixels

Grant Thornton was concerned with creating a work environment that would convey the transparency, approachability and collaborative nature of its organisation, and worked closely with Ceilector to achieve the desired outcome. Through the installation of Pixels they were able to recreate an aerial view of the iconic Brisbane River and surrounding city grid of the lobby.

Images of the Brisbane River were incorporated into ceiling panels by pixilating and converting them into tiles. The result was a sophisticated and dynamic entrance to the lobby. Bridget Chappele, Designer for the project at Geyer Pty Ltd said, "I have not seen this level of finish, innovation and superior quality in a product on the market. It provides quite a specialised look."

Pixels is ideal for all types of spaces, from hospitality and office environments to educational and federal facilities. It's also perfect for retail spaces, where branding can be presented in a unique and elegant way.

Ceilector is the exclusive Australian supplier of the USG Ceiling Tile and Ceiling Grid range for more information visit: www.ceilector.com.au